Isette, established 2008

Since 2008, Isette has been creating laser cut goods in our small studio in Oswego, Illinois. In the studio is a husband (Ryan of Pixelaser) and wife (Jennifer of Isette) team, creating and fulfilling every order. We are constantly exploring the possibilities of our CO2 Laser, and you can see that collaboration on our blog 52Lasers.  

The studio is smoke-free (except what the laser makes!) and pet-free.  Products are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS), but if you need another option, please contact us.

Photo of Jennifer in a pink dress, with a background of black eyed susans

Artist Jennifer Putzier

Isette is a reflection of a lifetime of experiences for artist Jennifer Putzier. Her formal education (MA, University of Chicago) is in anthropology, art and humanities, and she has worked in the museum field for over 20 years. Her designs are inspired by the past, yet created with modern materials and techniques. 

Jennifer has always had an interest in material culture - how people create, use and cherish their possessions. Jewelry is particularly fascinating because it is so personal and multi-faceted. It is a reflection of the owner and the culture they live in.  It is functional as well as decorative and even considered fine art in some cases. It can be ephemeral or it can be treasured, and in some cases, it can be both. Creating jewelry allows Jennifer to explore these concepts.

Photo by Jennifer Kurth Photography